If you were to chill at the home of Ernest Hemmingway we imagine it smell a lot like this. Smooth notes of juniper, red currants and gin give way to a woodsy finish of oak and cedar in this swanky scent.


A portion of each sale of this item will be donated to charity.

Wisco Home Goods' Langston's Muse is regal, rich, dark and sultry.  Langston's Muse opens with cinnamon and coriander giving way to a sophisticated bouquet of sandalwood and whiskey. All the while notes of tobacco and roasted tonka dance in the background.



Complete the ultimate scent experience with the addition of our Langston's Muse scented candle or Room & Linen Spray.

Our liquid soap is crafted from natural high quality ingredients. Gentle, mild lather formulated with traditional plant-based ingredients   including castile soap. Mild non drying formula keeps hands soft while you have the peace of mind of knowing Wisco Home Goods' liquid soap is sulfate free, has no harsh chemicals, and never has triclosan and no parabens.

8oz bottle with fashionable black pump.

Verve, Natural & Mild Hand Soap