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A Wisco Guide to Candle Care

Thank you for supporting local, small business.

To help your hand-poured soy candle have a long and fragrant life follow these simple care steps.

Candle Memory

The first time you burn your candle is the most important. Burn it long enough for the melted soy wax to reach all the way to the edge of the jar.  For our candles that is roughly between 2-3 hours.

Not doing so, may create a “tunnel” which makes it difficult to stay lit in the future.

Candle tunnels are bad. Don't create candle tunnels.

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Trim your wick to 1/4″ each time before lighting it. Yes, we really mean each time.  This prevents the wick from burning with a larger flame which can cause smoke or soot on the glass. It's not a pretty look.

Keep your wax clean. Never leave the cut wick or any debris in your candle

Burn on a suitable surface and protect the surface under your candle.

Let's Be Smart

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