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New East Side Store Opens

Updated: Sep 20, 2023


Wisco Home Goods


New Candle & Home Goods Store Coming to the East Side

Madison, WI, 2023-09-06.

Wisco Home Goods will be opening its first retail location on September 7, 2023. The public is invited to celebrate the occasion and to experience the intriguing scented soy candles, soaps and other home goods firsthand.

“We’ve been operating Wisco Home Goods as an online business since September of 2017.” said owner Jeremy Backman-Aurit. “After 6 years of making candles in our kitchen and then our basement, we’re super excited to be opening a retail storefront. It’s a dream come true.”

Wisco Home Goods is a creator of lifestyle products that are focused on cleanliness and sustainability. They work hard to lower the carbon footprint of their products. Their candles and soaps are handcrafted in the store. Wisco Home Goods even uses a re-useable and recyclable double old-fashioned glass, in order to encourage a longer life for their candle jars. They minimize chemicals, such as preservatives in their products, as much as they can. None of their products contain added colors or stabilizers. If they can avoid additives, they do. This is in line with their mission statement of “Do Good. Smell Good.”

“We’re proud to be adding our business to the Rolling Meadows Shopping Center. In line with our goals of lowering impact on the earth we live just a mile away from home. You can find us at 4664 Cottage Grove Rd.” said Executive Smart Person, Don Backman-Aurit. “We’re very excited to join Misty Mountain Games, Redfish Bluefish, The Curious Crafter and others in creating a true neighborhood space for the Rolling Meadows Neighborhood.”

About Wisco Home Goods

Wisco Home Goods, founded in Sept. 2017, focuses predominantly on clean, soy candles. They also offer hand soaps, sugar scrubs, handmade bar soaps, hand-knit washcloths, and virtually anything you might need to spoil your body and your senses just a little bit more. Don and Jeremy Backman-Aurit are the sole owners and operators and have worked hard to turn their interest in sustainable, clean products into a viable business.

Media Contact:

Don Backman-Aurit

Executive Smart Person & Co-owner


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