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Wisco Moms - We Love Them. Here's the First One.

Happy Mother's Day, y'all! We may not all know who she is. Some of us may not care who she is. We live in a post-nuclear-family-world. What's important is finding your own family. In many ways Jeremy and I feel privileged to have been forced to make those choices. It's given us both the chance to understand where family is made and where family resides.

For this Mother's Day we wanted to share with you the experiences of women we feel are awesome mothers. We hope that you see in them a little bit of you. All of them have done the best they could with their motherhood. Some love where they are, some likely wish they had done things differently. But ain't that the truth for everyone? What we've learned from our little survey is that moms love being moms. Our first mom didn't expect to be a mom, but today she wouldn't trade it for anything.

How many children do you have?

Mom: 2

How many of them do you have through alternative means (adoption, surrogacy, etc.)?

Mom: Both of them, honestly. I was on medically prescribed birth control both times I got pregnant.

What do you feel is the best part of being a mother?

Mom: Finding out, sometimes years later, that your efforts, love and support meant something to them.

Is there a moment with your children that you wish you could take back?

Mom: Not a moment but years. I wish I had had the self-confidence when I was young to have never married their father and subjected them to witnessing and experiencing abuse in their home. The place they should always feel safe never felt that way until I took a stand and made the home I longed for without him.

If you could provide any single commodity/experience/advantage to your children what would it be and why?

Mom: I wish I would have known in my youth the woman I am now. I would have instilled in them tremendous confidence and self-worth. Unfortunately but yet fortunately, we are all coming into those things together. As I’ve watched them grow, I have grown. We’ve made it here together.

How many of your pregnancies were planned?

Mom: None. I planned to never have children because I was so fearful of my children experiencing life as I had. I never wanted to be responsible for another human feeling unloved or experiencing abuse. But here I am pushing 2 other humans through life, and telling them constantly to focus on love and positive interactions with other humans. I would never want to go back and live my life without them. They are two incredible souls that I was blessed with that changed my life forever and made me the woman I am today.

What is the best gift to receive on Mother’s Day, and why is it a Wisco Home Goods product?

Mom: 🤣🤣🤣 This is not what I expected as a final question, but I would expect a Willy Street candle because my kids know how much I love hippie scents!

When, at last, you get some alone time, what do you like to do and which Wisco Home Goods product supports you in those moments?

Mom: Willy Street is always down with any mood of mine.

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