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A Very Wisco Soundtrack

One of the ways get festive for the holiday season is by listening to music. We thought we should share a few of our favorite holiday playlists to help you stay in the holiday spirit!

Need a magical holiday journey? This curated playlist was put together by Jeremy and is perfect for listening to while wrapping gifts or sipping wine.

Got your xmas sweater on, cocktail in hand but nowhere to go because there's a pandemic? Don't waste the swanky moment.

One of our favorite broadcasts is the Retro Cocktail Hour. Broadcast weekly from the Underground Martini Bunker, their holiday special has been a staple at our holiday gatherings for years. It's vibe of space age pop can get the biggest Grinch into the holiday spirit.

Last but definitely not least, we can't call ourselves Wisco and not pay homage to one of Wisconsin's own. Władziu Valentino Liberace, known to the world as Liberace, was born right here in West Allis ('Stallis) Wisconsin.

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