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We Are Wisco Home Goods

Founded in Fall of 2017

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Some days you just wake up and end up starting a business. That's  what happened with us. On a cool day in September Don asked Jeremy if he  thought they could make candles at home. As it turns out Jeremy had  already been researching the idea. Within 48 hours we'd placed our first order for supplies and Wisco Home Goods was born. 

Original Product Line Up With Original Branding


Jeremy's background is in interior design and retail. He's the art and flair of the operation. He takes up our social media and is the best label placer in the midwest.

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Don's background is in business management  and academia. He does the heavy lifting when it comes to bookkeeping and day to day business tasks. He also has final say on scent names, so if you don't like one, yell at him.

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