The night is beautiful,
So the faces of my people.
The stars are beautiful,
So the eyes of my people.
Beautiful, also, is the sun.
Beautiful, also, are the souls of my people.

    ~ Langston Hughes, My People


Wisco Home Goods' Langston's Muse is regal, rich, dark and sultry.  Langston's Muse opens with cinnamon and coriander giving way to a sophisticated bouquet of sandalwood and whiskey. All the while notes of tobacco and roasted tonka dance in the background.



Keep it clean. Keep it simple. Our car sprays are natural. Handcrafted with exceptional fragrance oils that are phthalate-free and locally sourced ingredients.  This highly scented car freshener will never release toxic chemicals into your vehicle and leave you wondering why you ever bought an air freshener from those other guys. 


2.5oz. Aluminum bottle with black atomizer. #pleaserecycle 



1 1/4" Wide X 5 1/4" Tall



Handcrafted on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin, Wisco Home Goods car sprays come in a wide range of great scents and are made to European standards.

Langston's Muse Car Freshener

  • Shake Well

    Pump 3 times into floor mats or upholstry.

    Inhale slowly and deeply. That is the smell of a rich and comfortable life style.


    Please recycle.

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