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Wisco Mom Wisco Mom. This is Wisco Mom #2.

Wisco Mom #2 is an old, old friend. I've known her since she was a little girl. It's been an absolute pleasure watching her grow up and to start a family of her own!

How many children do you have?

Mom: One child through adoption. We fostered her for over 2 years before having the opportunity to adopt.

What do you feel is the best part of being a mother?

Mom: Bedtime. I also really enjoy reading books just before bedtime. It is really fun to watch your child fall in love with books and reading.

Is there a moment with your children that you wish you could take back?

Mom: I wish I was more “present” when she first came to us as a foster placement. In the beginning, we assumed she was going to be reunified with her bio parents and I don’t feel I paid enough attention to the little things.

If you could provide any single commodity/experience/advantage to your children what would it be and why?

Mom: Knowledge/acceptance/open-mindedness. I just hope she grows up to think for herself and really look at all sides of an issue.

What is the best gift to receive on Mother’s Day, and why is it a Wisco Home Goods product?

Mom: It would definitely have to be a high quality lotion or hand soap by Wisco Home Goods. Living in Wisconsin, we always have dry, chapped hands in the winter and the soap and lotion would definitely help get us through the miserable winters.

When, at last, you get some alone time, what do you like to do and which Wisco Home Goods product supports you in those moments?

Mom: Probably a soy candle to help me relax as I am reading a book.

Which Wisco Home Goods product do you feel your mother deserves this Mother’s Day, and why?

Mom: My own mom deserves a wonderful smelling soy candle to enjoy as she also relaxes while reading a book. My mom taught me how amazing it can be to lose yourself in a book and now I get to teach my own daughter these same lessons.

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