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Sometimes a Little Good Can Go a Long Way

Some of you may recall that last summer we ran a special fundraiser by selling our Trump Rally candle creation. It was a risk we took, because we both felt so strongly about the potential outcome of the 2020 US Presidential election. We launched the candle shortly after Trump held a rally in Oklahoma where attendance could be described as anemic at best. The venue was nearly empty. So, we created a 3 oz. candle in a 9 oz. jar and donated all of the proceeds to an organization we selected after discussing the most important issues of the day. In the end we settled on Black Lives Matter and access to the voting process. So, we did some searching and found the Black Voters Matter Fund. It seemed too obvious not to be the right choice.

Through the fundraiser we generated over $600 that we sent to the Black Voters Matter Fund in order to help their efforts to get all voters registered and to the polls. Little did we know the important role this organization would begin to play in the American electoral process.

When we launched the fundraiser, we knew that Black Voters Matter Fund was located in the Atlanta area. What we didn't know was that voting in Georgia would become such an important aspect of the overall political conversation.

First, the vote in Georgia played a central role in earning Joe Biden enough electoral college electors to win the election. In fact, in the 2020 election, Joe Biden became the first democrat to win the state of Georgia since 1992. This shift from red to blue was due in large part to voter registration efforts carried out by Stacy Abrams and groups like the Black Lives Matter Fund.

Now, in the aftermath of Governor Brian Kemp signing a horrendous new voting bill into law, the Black Voters Matter Fund is again at the center of the movement to protect voters and voters' rights. We were very proud to see that Black Voters Matter Fund was part of the group that filed the first lawsuit contesting the law.

We believe in the right for every eligible voter to cast his/her/their vote through a process that is designed to make their voting easier not harder. We will continue to support the Black Voters Matter Fund and any efforts to get people registered to vote. In a small way, we like to think that your support through our crazy fundraiser has helped to make the US a slightly better place to be. It just goes to show that you never know just how great of an impact you can make on the world around you until you try. Thank you so much for helping us try!

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