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In Support of the People of Ukraine

Hi all, we wanted to say hello and send you love, hugs, and affirmations in this moment of global chaos. It's been a rough few years and the events of the past few weeks have not made us feel any safer. In our hearts, we hold no animosity toward the Russian people, but we do not condone war of any kind. Many of our cohort of candle makers are currently selling candles that allow you to buy their candle and the profits go to support the people of Ukraine. We support their efforts and we hope that their promotions help to make a difference in some way. However, we're sharing this post to let you know that we will not be creating a "Support Ukraine" candle.

We have made this decision not because we do not support Ukraine. We do. However, we have always felt that the best way to support someone or a situation is not by buying a product that generates a donation to an organization, but to donate to the organization directly. With our "Do Good. Smell Good." campaign we promise to donate a portion of profits to specific charities. Desperate times call for desperate measures and Ukraine cannot wait for those donations. In lieu of a promotional candle or some snappy slogan, we encourage you to donate to Razom for Ukraine. Razom for Ukraine is a support organization that sends medical and other supplies to Ukraine. They are an American organization that was founded in 2014. Please, if you are looking for an avenue to support Ukraine, send them a few of your dollars. We already have. With love and support for Ukraine, Don & Jeremy

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